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Kiwi Systems is a leading provider of telecommunication services, offering a complete Voice-over- Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution.

Since incorporated, Kiwi Systems has seen rapid growth, as more and more customers around the world have come to enjoy our state-of-the-art, simple-to-install, and easy-to-use products.

We also customize our products and services to meet the business needs and market requirements of our partners worldwide. This flexibility has allowed us to increase our presence in many different countries.

Since we provide the entire solution, it is very easy and cost effective for us and our partners to establish distributors within their regions and to support them.

With the support of our network and system facilities, Kiwi manages teams of dedicated and experienced engineers and business personnel who coordinate and engage in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of our products and services.


Our international service hub in Los Angeles operates the most advanced global clearing house billing and accounts managing system. As the demand for Internet voice communication increases, we are stepping up the pace to meet such demand with every effort in providing the latest technologies for residential and business use.

Kiwi Systems' goal is to serve the global community with advanced communication technology and continued innovation. We develop our products with people in mind, reflecting our commitment to empower people by providing them with high quality and affordable equipments and services to communicate worldwide.

Kiwi corporation network is a centralized management integrated into multiple divisions located overseas and its headquarters located in the U.S.

Besides leading the other divisions, Kiwi Systems focuses on developing the worldwide market with its business team. With its Research & Development facilities and personnel based in China, Kiwi also controls the manufacturing operations.

This management system provides a unified Global vision for success and prosperity. We vision millions of consumers using our product everyday to take advantage of this innovative technology advancement and improve living quality standards.

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