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Publisher: Kiwi Systems
Version: Kiwitalk10.05
File Size: 1.43MB (1,503,232 bytes)
Platform: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Language: English
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Last Update: October 12, 2005

Attention: To our knowledge the KIWITALK software is a virus free product. Kiwi Systems does not take responsibility to any problems or damage that may arise from the downloading, unzipping and installation of the software.

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USB Series Upgrade

Last Updated Software Release on
October 12, 2005

All KIWITALK USB series, KU2500, KU1110, KU1120 and KU1130, use the same software.

This new version will provide new functions and improvements.

This new version reduces the echo when communicating with cellular phones and the quality to all calls to landline phones.

To update, you must close and uninstall the old software version. Then download and install the new version.
Direct update from the old software version DOES NOT work for this update (It will go through, however the new software will not function properly).

You must remove the old software version completely, and then install the new one. Please follow the instructions below to update.

To install the NEW KIWITALK software, please follow these instructions:

1. Uninstall your old version software

Open you old version software and write down your account information (You should have this information on your original KIWITALK account card). You will need these information to login with your new version.

Close your old version software.

Go to Start > All Programs > KIWITALK and click on Uninstall KIWITALK.
The uninstall wizard will be launched.

Follow the wizard instruction, when it asks you to choose Modify/Repair/Remove, select Remove.

When "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its components?'' pops up, click OK to remove all files belonging to the old version software.

When the Maintain Complete window pop up, click OK to finish the uninstallation.

2. Download and install the new KIWITALK client software

Click on the download link on the left to download the KIWITALK software.

When a message pops up and ask you to open or save, select Open to install it immediately.

Follow the instructions from the installation wizard. Restart your computer to finish this installation.


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