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When you are not online, all incoming calls from other KIWITALK phones can be forwarded to a regular or cellular phone of your choice.

You can be always be reached if you want to, so you don't miss important calls.

The person calling you just need to dial yourKIWITALK number. There's no need to give all the numbers where that person should try to reach you.

Your KIWITALK number does it all!

To set call forwarding:

Click the My Account button on KIWITALK's website, and the My Account log in page will be displayed on your browser.

After you login to My Account, click on My Feature Calls then Call Forwarding Setting on the top right of the Tool Bar menu:

On the Call Forward Setting page, select the Forward according to my phone status option:

Enter the phone number you want the calls to be forwarded to in the Forward to my cellphone/landline section as shown below:

For numbers in the United States and Canada, type 1+area code+phone number.

For numbers in any other countries
, type 011+country code+city code+phone number.


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