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Whenever you are not online and the Send Busy Tone or Call Forwarding features are not set up, you can have all your calls from other KIWITALK phones go to your Voicemail after you set it up.

You can access your messages directly from your KIWITALK phone.

Set up your Voicemail directly in My Account page.

Log into your KIWITALK account from My Account page:

On the top right of the Tool Bar Menu, go to My Feature Calls and click on Voicemail:

The Voicemail feature is password protected, so you need to Activate and assign a password to your Voicemail before using it.

Once your Voicemail is Active, go to the Call Forward Setting page, and select the Forward according to my phone status option:

Select the Forward to My Voicemail option as shown below:

You can call from any KIWITALK phone to access your mailbox.

Simply dial 90912345#

Select your language

When prompted, enter your Voicemail ID (your KIWITALK phone number) and press #

When prompted, enter your password and press #

Voice messages will start to play:

Press 1 to listen to the same message again

Press 2 to delete the message

Press 3 to go to the next message


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