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We offer different monthly calling plans.

We give you choices of signing up to one of our Flexible World Calling Plans or using your KIWITALK without a plan.

You can have Huge Savings with plans or Big Savings without committment.

Compare the difference on the rates With or Without a Plan!

For the plans, we divided the world in 4 Regions:

Region 1: North America
Region 2: Central & South America and the Caribbean
Region 3: Europe and Africa
Region 4: Middle East, Asia and Oceania

You can choose any Region for $4.99 per month and the rates are even lower for the Region you selected than our current rates without the plan.

You can choose two Regions of the world for $6.99 per month and benefit for the lowest rates possible for all countries within the two Regions.

You can choose all Regions for $9.99 per month and save on calls to every single country in the world.

We offer a residential $24.99 monthly unlimited US and Canada plan for those who rather have a flat fee per month.

To sign up for a plan, go to My Account page.
On the User Information window, click on Edit Your Call Plan.

Note: After you select a plan, this plan will be effective for the entire month. If you wish to change the plan type after signing up for a plan, the changes will be effective on the first day of the following month.
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