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The KE2000A, our newest SIP based VoIP phone connects to your broadband Internet through a standard RJ45 port.

It is a stand-alone phone that works without a PC so you can keep it connected 24/7 and never miss a call.

The KE2000A is plug and play for fixed IP address, PPPoE Dial-Up or DHCP.

With a LCD display and high quality Full Duplex Speakerphone, this is a great phone for the home business.

The KE5200 has a built in hub/bridge function allowing you to connect the modem on one side and your PC on the other, no additional equipment required. Different from KE2600,

The KE2000A supports the dial plan and 3 way calling function.


  Power: DC 12V, 500mA
  Network Interface: 10M LAN, 10M PC
  Size (approximately): 8.74 x 6.06 x 2.36inches (L x W x H)
(222 x 154 x 60 mm)
  Protocol: TCP/IP, SIP and H.323
  Internet Connection: DSL and Cable


SIP protocol

For office and SOHO use

2*16 Character LCD

Ethernet ports: TWO*10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports, Bridge/Router function

Functions: Speaker, Redial, Dial plan, Mute, Speed dial, Volume adjust, Call duration display, Call history list: Missed, Received and Dialed, Phonebook; Ringer selection

Support features: Call hold/Retrieve, Call waiting, Call transfer,3-way calling, MWI, Do Not Disturb, Call forwarding: Busy, No answer, Unconditional

Good sound quality and echo cancellation (especially for Speaker)



Low international and long distance calling rates

Supports private and dynamic IP so it's easy to install

Good voice quality and stability

Forward calls worldwide so you don't miss any important conversation

Light and Portable so you carry with you everywhere


Services Included

Sending call

Receiving call

International call

Caller ID

Send and receive e-mails

Online Account Management

Customer support

Add-On Services (Optional):

Virtual Phone Number

Low Monthly Calling Plans

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