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The KUW1500 is a wireless phone which is composed of one base and one handset

The base is a high quality speakerphone, ideal for conference calls

The handset has blue back lighted graphic LCD. Both base and handset ring for incoming calls

You can make/receive a call via the handset without the limitation of USB cable, just like using a mobile

KIWITALK to KIWITALK calls are free woldwide! 

KIWITALK KUW1500 connects to your computer through the USB port. 

All you need is an Internet connection. 

The built-in data compressor smart chip makes your calls free from lag time. 

The use of KIWITALK phone is easy and convenient; KIWITALK KUW1500 works just like a regular phone.

It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or above, and also compatible with desktop and notebook computers.

Its user-friendly interface will make your calling experience enjoyable.

A 24/7 network operation center guarantees your calls with high quality and stability.


Working Pressure: 5V
Power: 600mW
Size (approximately): 3.67 x 2.17 x 0.91 inches (L x W x H) (93 x 55 x 23mm)
Protocol: TCP/IP
Internet Connection: Any Wireless Connection.


Dial, Answer and End calls using the phone or the KIWITALK User Window

Makes and receives calls to/from regular & mobile phones and KIWITALK phones

Redial Button

Pause Button

Volume Button

2.4G ISM Band (2400~2483MHz)

Phone features: Caller id, local phone book, Key lock, Clock

Commercial grade high quality speakerphone with digital echo cancellation

Large graphic LCD with blue color backlight

Encryption: Wep, Wpa, Wpa2

Multi-language caller ID display feature

Both base and handset ring for all incoming calls



Low international and long distance calling rates

Supports private and dynamic IP so it's easy to install

Good voice quality and stability

Forward calls worldwide so you don't miss any important conversation

Light and Portable so you carry with you everywhere


Services Included

Sending call

Receiving call

International call

Caller ID

Send and receive e-mails

Online Account Management

Customer support

Add-On Services (Optional):

Virtual Phone Number

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