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1. I have a problem setting up the Broadband Series Phone
About setting up the KIWITALK KE Series, if you use dynamic IP address behind a router, your TCP/IP settings should be:
DHCP: enabled [1]
PPPoE: disabled [0]

If your network uses static IP address, then disable DHCP [0], and manually key in the Subnet Mask, Router IP, and DNS IP.

Account settings should be:
Use GATEKEEPER: enabled [1]
Service DNS: leave it empty
Phonenumber: 69xxxxx
User identity: username (ex: kiwitkxxxxx)
Password: xxxxx

2. How do I use the computer to set up my KE Series?
Make sure that your computer and the KE Series are on the same network, and obtain your KE Series’ Local IP address.

Open a web browser, and enter the KE Series’ Local IP address onto the address bar, then hit Enter.

The password is ‘1234’ to log into the phone. After you login, you can change settings, then save and exit.

3. Can I use the KE1020, KE1020A and KE2600 as a hub?
Yes, if your network assigns dynamic IP address, you can connect your computer to the KE Series’ PC port, that way your computer would have Internet connection as well. This works for both PC and Mac.

4. After I changed my password, my KIWITALK phone can’t make calls out, but still can received calls, what happened?
If you change your Password in your online account while your KIWITALK is still logged on, you won’t be able to make calls out, but you can still receive calls. So you need to log out of your KU Series phone before going into your online account to change the password.

5. I tried to log into my online account, and I entered my IP Phone Number and Password. But on the third line, it asks me “Enter the numbers as it appears aside”, what is that?
That’s the 5-digit number inside the gray area to the right of the text box.

6. I put in my IP Phone Number and Password, but I still can’t access my account on the KIWITALK Account page.
What should I do?
You can send us your User ID and IP Phone Number, that way we can see what the problem is and let you regain access. Send an e-mail to

7. After I successfully log into the KIWITALK server, then somehow the KIWITALK LCD screen displays the message “Wait log on”.
What happen? What should I do?
That means the phone has been disconnected from the Internet. You need to make sure the phone has connection (check network cable line, also you can reboot the phone by taking the power cord off. The phone should display the "Ready for Call" message.

8. How do I set up call forwarding?
Follow these instructions here.

9. How can I receive call from regular land/mobile phones?
Go to, and call any one of these numberd from a regular or cellular phone. You will hear a second dial tone, then dial the 7-digit KIWITALK number to call that KIWITALK phone.

You can also get your own Virtual Phone Number. For more information click here.

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