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1. I tried to log into my online account, and I entered my IP Phone Number and Password. But on the third line, it asks me “Enter the numbers as it appears aside”, what is that?
That’s the 5-digit number inside the gray area to the right of the text box.

2. How to disable the computer’s own firewall?
Steps to disable Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on Microsoft Windows XP

1. Click Start in the Window taskbar, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Network Connections to open the Network Connections folder.

3. Double-click the Dial-up, LAN or High-Speed Internet connection that you are using. In the dialog box, click Properties.

4. From the Advanced tab, uncheck the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box.

5. Click OK to save the setting, and then click Close to exit the dialog box.

3. What ports on the firewall need to be opened?
Those ports are TCP 1720, 1721, 1730, and UDP 1710, 1719, 1109, 6000, 6001.

4. I put in my IP Phone Number and Password, but I still can’t access my account on the KIWITALK Account page.
What should I do?
You can send us your User ID and IP Phone Number, that way we can see what the problem is and let you regain access. Send an e-mail to

5. I use a foreign language version of Windows operating system, can I use the KIWITALK USB Series phone?
Yes, you can.
To make sure you have the latest KIWITALK software, go to to download and install the KIWITALK USB software.

6. How can I adjust my computer's volume?
Please follow these steps to adjust the volume of your KIWITALK phone:

1. Click Start in the Windows taskbar, then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Sounds and Audio Devices.

3. From the Audio tab, select your default system sound card for both Sound playback and Sound recording.

4. Check Use only default devices.

5. From the Voice tab, select “USB Audio Device” for both Voice playback and Voice recording.

6. Click Apply to save the settings.

7. From the Voice tab, click Volume. The Desktop Speaker dialog box appears.

8. Under Desktop and Wave, set the volume to the highest level. Close the Desktop Speaker dialog box.

9. Click OK to save the settings, and exit Sounds and Audio Devices Properties.

10. Log into your KIWITALK account.

11. Lift up the handset and listen for dial tone. Then, press on the Volume button to adjust the volume to your desired level.

12. Hang up the handset and the setting is automatically saved.

7. Where can I find resellers that carry KIWITALK phones?
Please visit our web page at to see the list of our distributors and resellers.

8. How do I set up call forwarding?
Follow these instructions here.

9. How can I receive call from regular land/mobile phones?
Go to, and call any one of these numberd from a regular or cellular phone. You will hear a second dial tone, then dial the 7-digit KIWITALK number to call that KIWITALK phone.

You can also get your own Virtual Phone Number. For more information click here.

10. My USB Series phone is acting slow, and the computer display a message saying “USB Controller bandwidth exceeded”, what does that mean?
That means the allocated resource for USB device is low (maybe your computer is running too many applications at the same time), so please completely log out of KIWITALK program and restart the computer.

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